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Design Trends


"Top interior design trends currently popular in Newport County, according to Melissa Breen."

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Best of Newport County Awards

Newport Life Magazine

"2Hands Studio is powered by conceptual planning and turn-key solutions, as well as the two heads of partners in business and in life, Melissa and Jeff."

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Coastal Comfort

Newport Home Magazine

"'Being environmentally friendly is not about buying things to be environmentally friendly.' Says Melissa Breen. 'Living green is about wanting less, using less and wasting nothing.'"

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Star turn

The Newport Daily News

"'It's a totally different look," Roderick said of her new meeting space. "The star bar was a dark bar." The room now is filled with light from the new three full-length glass doors on the west wall that overlook Thames Street, the increased number of windows, the off-white walls and the mirrors."

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Local Flavor


"Despite things coming together so quickly, Willis has been able to give Caleb and Broad a unique feel. The industrial, pop-art meets-graffiti theme, coupled with a dining area far more open than Bistro 162, creates a casually inviting atmosphere - an ambiance that has been missing from the building for a while..."

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Past meets present

Local & State

"They hired two local firms, 2Hands Studio and Herkworks Architecture to design the space from a clean slate. Their goal is to preserve as much from the 1931 building as possible."

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Dining Out | Stoneacre Brasserie

Rhode Island Monthly

"Stoneacre's transformation has been a year in the making - the blink of an eye given how monumental the architectural undertaking has been. The chasm between a "pantry" on Thames and a "brasserie" on Washington Square is vast: more than three times the occupancy and an image that has matured from Main Street to Montmartre..."

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Guestroom beds get a more modern twist

Hotel Management

"National Report - Sustainability, It's no longer considered a passing fad in the hotel industry, but it has many faces and names. The current challenge for hospitality is not so much willingness to adopt sustainable practices, but to come to an agreement on establishing, reporting and meeting standards..."

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Unadorned Industrial

Newport Home Magazine

"Celebrate the rough imperfections of natural materials: forged metal, organic textiles and rough timber. Choose neutral and bold contrasting paints to frame focal points within your space, and introduce accents with a muted secondary color palette to add a warm sophistication..."

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2018 Doris Duke Preservation Award | 28 Washington Sq Exterior

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